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Community research and “knowledge exchange network” for neuroscience

The Royal Society just released a second report on Neuroscience in the Brain Waves policy series this one focusing on its relationship with education: Neuroscience: Implications for Education and Lifelong Learning. While it is a very good overview (I particularly welcome the cautious and sober approach to the results warning against …

JISC Elevator might bring more responsiveness to research funding

Finally, JISC is turning some of the innovation and creativity it has poured into technology into the process of funding itself. The idea of JISC Elevator (see http://blog.ouseful.info/2010/07/28/project-pitching-jisc-elevator-concept/) is modeled on the Mozilla Drumbeat (http://www.drumbeat.org) – a Kickstarter-like project but with more varied  sources of funding.  With Kickstarter people have to …

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