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July 2010 – Researchity – Exploring Open Research and Open Education
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July 2010

Harvard leads the way on building institutional academic communities

Recently, Harvard University’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science released OpenScholar built on Drupal using popular modules such as Organic Groups and getting help from the Spaces and Features. The Biblio module provides the great bibliographic feature. I haven’t spent enough time with it yet to completely suss out how it’s put …

How researchers use Web 2.0

Image via Wikipedia A report just came out from RIN.ac.uk that is relevant to the aims of this website (more details on the project website). I will tweet out some of the more interesting factoids on @techczech but I think the results can be summarised roughly in three points: Very …

Toward a Federated Academic Identity

Image via Wikipedia One of the thoughts that kept coming up in my head as I was hearing about all these great digital humanities projects at THATCamp London was: this is amazing but it’s yet another silo. As someone who has tried (and mostly failed) building several very niche communities …

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